Terms to Know


Shelter-in-Place means you should stay inside the building you are already in or closest to.

For further information see the Shelter-in-Place Emergency Hazard Guide.


To evacuate means that you should leave the building or area you are in immediately and safely.

For further information see the Evacuation Emergency Hazard Guide.


A Lockdown is a state of isolation or restricted access instituted as a security measure. You will be the safest by quickly placing a locked door or other barricade between you and the potential threat or danger.

For further information see the Lockdown Emergency Hazard Guide.

All Clear

All Clear means that the danger or difficulty is over and the campus is safe. You may return to normal operations.

For further information see the All Clear Emergency Hazard Guide. all-clear

Emergency Hazard Guide

The Emergency Hazard Guide offers readers a “what-to-do” for various hazards, including how to prepare for, respond to, and special considerations for different types of emergencies. The Guide also recommends actions for the terms used by UConnAlert.

Hazard Guide (Website)